Frequently Asked Questions

24 hours/1 business days notice is required in writing via email or by voice mail for all appointment changes.  When you schedule an appointment with Blue Skyes Massage & Wellness Center (BSMWC), that time is reserved solely for you. When an appointment is missed without giving advanced notice, or a change is requested at the last minute, we lose the opportunity to offer that time to someone else who is waiting. Missed and frequently rescheduled appointments also interfere with a client’s progress.

To ensure that BSMWC can provide exceptional care for all or our clients, it is our policy that clients are responsible for all appointments they have scheduled. Clients who choose not to attend, or those who call to move their appointments at the last minute, are still responsible for these appointment times and session cost.

The following rescheduling policy is in place for all appointments.  Extenuating circumstances and special situations will be reviewed on an individual basis per the discretion of BSMWC

Policy for Moving Appointments

24 Hours/1 Business Day Notice is required to move or change any appointment, for any reason, out of respect for the time of our practitioners and other clients

If do not request an appointment change before 24 hours/1 business day, and you miss your appointment for any reason, a fee equal to the amount of your missed appointment may be charged.

Fees for missed appointments are expected at or before the patient’s next scheduled appointment and we may ask that you pre-pay for all future appointments. Insurance does not cover these fees.

Please fill out and bring with you the attached new patient forms. Also, please either bring or wear loose and comfortable clothing, and running shoes if you are a runner.


In the State of AZ, patients do NOT need an MD prescription to receive physical therapy treatment. If you are planning to file for insurance reimbursement, it is possible your insurance company will require you obtain an MD prescription. However, one is not necessary to receive physical therapy treatment from us.

BSMWC is considered an out-of-network provider. While insurance is not processed directly, and payment is due at the time of service, many patients do submit claims to their insurance company directly. BSMWC bills using usual and customary PT codes and will make sure clients receive the documentation necessary to receive the maximum reimbursement available. Patients are advised to contact their insurance companies to find out what their benefits are for outpatient out-of-network physical therapy. Additionally, all physical therapy services can be paid for via Health Savings Account and/or Flexible Spending Accounts. Please email or call the office to inquire about rates and programs.

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Please note, Blue Skyes Massage and Wellness Center is not an enrolled Medicare, Medicare Advantage or any supplemental Medicare insurance provider. All services provided to Medicare covered beneficiaries, will be billed directly to the patient for a cash only payment plan. For a list of services, and to learn if you qualify to be treated, or for any additional questions you may have, please call Blue Skyes Massage & Wellness Center directly.

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