Postural Corrective Exercise

Postural Corrective Exercise

  • Do you have a leg length discrepancy?

  • Is your head leaning forward and not placed directly over your shoulders?

  • Do you have hump in the middle of your spine?

  • Do you have scoliosis?

  • Is your pelvis tilted or rotated?

  • Do you have knock knees or bow leg?

  • Do you have flat feet or high arches?

  • Do you favor one side vs the other? Is you shoulder elevated higher on one side vs the other?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, our specialist will provide guidance on how to address some of the malalignments. He will identify contributing factors to the posture and eliminate or reduce them during your medical history and subjective feedback. As well to provide clients with home programs to assist with correcting their postural deviations. Customized treatments focus on optimizing balance within the body, not only through therapeutic massage modalities, but through educating the clients on ergonomics, healthy dieting, and vital self-care techniques to ensure their road to recovery is continuing to progress after you leave our clinic, and in between sessions.